Stentor E-Violin 4/4 Student II, Artec Piezo Pickup

Stentor E-Violin 4/4 Student II, Artec Piezo Pickup

119 900 Ft

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E-Violin, Student II Series, Size: 4/4. The Stentor Student II violin is recommended by teachers and music services for its quality and reliability. The violin is made from solid tonewoods, in Stentor's unique workshop environment, producing an instrument with good tone, a responsive sound and reliable performance. The pegs, nut and saddle are ebony and the violin is fitted with flexible core strings and a quality composite tailpiece with integral adjusters. All instruments have inlaid purfling. The Stentor Student II is the ideal violin for the beginner and comes complete with a lightweight case with burgundy red integral cover with safety reflectors: fitted interior with accessory pocket, two bow holders and case blanket; carrying straps, full lid music pocket and external shoulder rest pocket. It also includes a good quality student wood bow with natural horsehair and full mounted ebony frog. Violin is also equipped with Artec Piezo Pickup. Finish: Natural. SpecsCarved from solid tonewoodsSolid, carved, spruce frontSolid, carved, maple back & ribsSolid, carved, maple neckGold brown varnishEbony fingerboardHigh quality ebony pegsTailpiece with integral adjustersRope core stringsGood quality wood bow
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